K. D.

In October of 1997, I attended a seminar at Raleigh Eye Center to learn more about the possibilities of refractive surgery. I had contemplated some sort of corrective eye surgery for years. I was very impressed with Dr. James Kiley and his staff. I was given the information I needed regarding surgical procedures and costs and was in no way pressured to make a decision or commitment. Dr. Kiley saw me in February for my evaluation appointment and scheduled my LASIK surgery for March. March 9th and 10th will be forever two of the most momentous days of my life. For over 40 years I had been totally dependent on glasses and for the first time, in my memory, I was able to see clearly without the aid of glasses or contact lenses. The LASIK procedure was absolutely painless, took approximately 15 minutes to complete, and caused only minor discomfort, slight burning, after the surgery. The discomfort lasted only about two hours. The day following each procedure, when the protective shield was removed from my eye, I had 20/20 vision. My refractive reading prior to surgery was 20/600 or a -6.0. I had opted for monovision so that I could read best with one eye and see at a distance with the other. This has worked beautifully for me and I now wear no corrective lenses at all. It has been three weeks since my LASIK surgery and I am experiencing no problems whatsoever. I am very grateful to Dr. Kiley who has spent years in training and research so that I can realize the sight that was denied me for so many years. I have a newfound confidence and outlook on life. Having suffered for as long as I can remember with ill-fitting glasses and every kind of contact lenses from hard to soft, this is truly a dream come true for me!