Amy C.

I saw Dr. Couch two months ago for what I knew was going to end up being an exam for my first of  glasses, ever, as I am 43 and had lost ability to see close up. I waited in the waiting room for approximately 20 minutes, at which time a technician/nurse came out, whisked me into a tiny examining cubicle, and apologized profusely for my wait. She explained that a mix-up had occurred and Dr. Couch was appalled that I had been kept waiting. It was refreshing to have my wait acknowledged and apologized for. Dr. Couch was a lovely lady, very nice, extremely thorough in her explanation, and overall very pleasant. The exam itself was fast. Some of the drops were unavoidably uncomfortable, but in general, it was a very positive experience. I got my prescription for glasses and was on my way. I’d recommend Dr. Couch to anyone, especially someone who is elderly, nervous or unsure.