Your Ability to Save Big on LASIK is Ending This Year

As the end of summer approaches, people with flexible savings accounts (FSA) are beginning to consider how they are going to use the remaining balance on their accounts. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you may want to consider using it for LASIK. Why you ask? This is the last year where you can elect to set aside the full price of LASIK or PRK on your FSA. So if you were considering using FSA dollars to pay for LASIK, your opportunity to get the greatest savings is coming to an end this year. In fact, this is the last year you can save up to 75% on LASIK.

Starting in 2013, employers will be forced to limit the amount of money their employees can set aside each year from $5000 to $2500. This 50% reduction will come at a big cost to those who have been waiting to have LASIK or orthodontia.

The benefits of using FSA dollars to pay for medical procedures such as LASIK is that users can set aside a certain amount of money before taxes are taken out of the paycheck. This decreases the taxable income, which means more spendable income! The typical savings is usually 20-30%! Add that to the 45% savings you are getting during our current $995 per eye promotion and you are looking at up to 75% off LASIK!

So if you are fortunate enough to have an FSA that still has a balance and you are interested in LASIK, give us a call at (919) 876-2427 to schedule a consultation with Dr. James Kiley. Even if you don’t have an FSA, we welcome your call! Take the money you save and go on a nice vacation where you can truly enjoy your new, clear vision!