Why You Should Love Your LASIK Provider

Let’s face it; there are many choices when it comes to where to go for LASIK or PRK. As an educated consumer, it is your duty to ensure that the provider selected is up to the job of not only performing your vision correction procedure, but also managing your care post-operatively.

Your LASIK end-result depends not only on the how the surgery was performed in the surgical suite, but also the post-operative care and treatment received in the exam room. After having LASIK and seeing the dramatic improvement in your vision, it is easy to forget that post-operative care is essential. Post-operative exams allow the surgeon to measure the changes in your visual acuity and determine how you are healing. In the rare instance that you have a healing issue, it is addressed on the spot. Catching problems early ensures the best outcome.

Following LASIK, you will surely have questions about when activities such as swimming or playing sports can be resumed. The answer depends on how you are healing and only your doctor can determine this through monitoring your post-operative care.

When choosing your LASIK surgeon, choose not only based upon their surgical expertise, but also the quality of care received in the exam room. If during your consultation you feel your questions were not answered in a way that made you comfortable, consider another LASIK surgeon. You should feel comfortable asking questions and maintaining a dialogue with your surgeon.

If you are not in love (or at least like) with your potential LASIK surgeon, determine what is lacking and see if the issue(s) can be resolved. If not, keep searching. You are bound to find the right surgeon with a little extra effort. If you would like to see if Raleigh Eye Center is right for you, give us a call at (919) 876-2427 today!