What to Expect After LASIK Eye Surgery in Raleigh NC

If you are planning to get LASIK vision correcting surgery, you may be a bit nervous about the procedure and the days following it. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions we receive about LASIK, so you can be prepared and know what to expect.

Will my vision be perfect right away?

No. When you open your eyes after surgery, your vision will likely be blurry. You may also feel moderate burning, stinging, or discomfort typically described as “a sandy sensation.” You will also likely have light sensitivity lasting up to three days after surgery. For these reasons, it is recommended you bring a designated driver with you on the day of surgery, and refrain from driving for the next few days.

How can I relieve my discomfort after eye surgery?

The best way to alleviate your symptoms after LASIK is to rest with your eyes closed. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications can help, too. To promote healing and minimize the risk of infection, it’s important to avoid rubbing or touching your eyes after surgery. Some people may need to use a topical steroid medication to control inflammation, which your eye doctor can prescribe.

When will I return for a follow-up appointment?

You’ll most likely see your eye doctor 24 hours after surgery for a checkup. Your doctor will ensure that your eyes are healing as they should be and that there are no budding complications.

How long will it take for my vision to return after LASIK?

It generally takes four to six weeks for a patient’s vision to fully return after LASIK surgery. However, most people can function normally within a day after surgery.

Are there other things I should avoid doing after LASIK?

Aside from driving and operating heavy machinery, you should avoid wearing eye makeup or going swimming. You can usually begin exercising within a week after LASIK surgery, but you should avoid contact sports for at least a month. You should also stay out of environments that are particularly dusty or dirty.

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If you’re getting nervous about LASIK, remember that 90% of patients experience at least 20/20 vision after the procedure, according to the American Refractive Surgery Council.  Recovery from LASIK is relatively fast, and as long as you follow the aftercare plan laid out by your eye doctor and eye surgery team, you should be able to experience acutely improved vision.

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