What Is Astigmatism & How Do Our Eye Doctors Treat It?

Astigmatism is an eye condition that occurs when an irregularity or abnormality in the spherical shape of the eye affects how light refracts on the surface of the retina, causing blurred vision. Light that enters the lens of the eye must be able to bend at a particular angle to produce clear vision, but when that doesn’t happen, the individual experiences blurred vision when viewing things either close up or at a distance.

Medical eye exams done by any of our experienced Raleigh NC eye doctors can be extremely beneficial in helping diagnosis astigmatism, which is among the most common eye disorders. Blurred vision is a problem that can affect a person’s ability to read, drive a car and pursue the hundreds of tasks that are a part of normal daily living. People should never assume that their blurred vision will simply go away after a good night’s rest. By scheduling medical eye exams as soon as possible after the symptom of blurred vision appears, patients can find a solution from our Raleigh NC eye doctors that enable them to enjoy clear and focused vision once again.

During a comprehensive exam, one of our experienced Raleigh NC eye doctors checks the anatomy of the eye for signs of astigmatism. The patient usually undergoes testing of their visual acuity by reading eye charts both at a distance and close up. The doctor may use a device known as a keratometer in order to measure the curvature of the patient’s cornea in addition to placing lenses having different curvature levels in front of the patient’s eyes to determine the extent of refractive error that is causing the patient’s blurry vision.

Although there is no way to prevent astigmatism from occurring, fortunately, astigmatism can be successfully treated with a contact lens or eyeglass prescription that corrects the eye’s abnormality. Another popular option for some patients, depending upon the degree of astigmatism they experience, is refractive surgery designed to change the shape of the eye’s cornea.

Scheduling medical eye exams on a regular basis is part of being proactive about maintaining good eye health. And because there is no way to prevent astigmatism, an thorough eye exam conducted by a caring and experienced eye doctor can quickly diagnose this common condition and prescribe the eyeglasses or contact lenses that can easily and quickly restore clear vision.