Understanding the Technology Behind LASIK and Why it Matters

Technology is a good thing, especially when it comes to medicine. Advancements in technology within the refractive surgery industry have allowed millions of Americans to gain unaided clear vision with a procedure that takes 15 minutes. However, technology offered at one LASIK center can vary significantly from what is offered at another. The technology used can affect the post-operative outcome.

As a consumer it is important to understand the differences in technology offered and to use that information to help choose the best center for your LASIK or PRK procedure. The LASIK procedure is a two-step process, the first step being the creation of the corneal flap. The second step utilizes a laser to reshape the cornea so light properly lands on the retina.

At Raleigh Eye Center, we use the Allegretto Wave Laser for reshaping the cornea. This laser uses a state of the art tracking system to follow the subtle movements of the eye. This ensures patients receive the safest and best treatment possible. It is also the fastest laser currently available, which means less dehydration to the eye and a more predictable outcome.

The Allegretto Wave laser can treat a variety of refractive errors including myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The laser is “wavefront optimized” rather than “wavefront guided.” This means that it was 100% built upon wavefront principles and algorithms. Conversely, “wavefront guided” lasers were retrofitted to allow wavefront treatments. Wavefront optimization is important because it helps minimize the occurrence of glare and halos.

When choosing a LASIK center, it is important to do your homework. Technology is only one of the considerations that should be made. Surgeon skill is also an important factor. Before deciding on a center, seek a second or even third opinion and never choose a provider based solely on price 

At Raleigh Eye Center, we want the community to feel confident with their decision on where to go for LASIK. That is why we offer the LASIK Best Price Guarantee. With this option, patients can take price out of the equation and choose the right center based upon skill and technology. This is because we will beat any competitor’s price for the same LASIK technology. For more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. James Kiley, call (919) 876-2427 today.