Tips for Dry Eye Sufferers

Something that goes hand in hand with winter is the increasing prevalence of dry eyes. The drier air and use of heat to warm our cars, offices and homes wreak havoc on our skin and dry out our eyes. For people with mild dry eyes, the winter is manageable. For those with moderate to severe dry eyes, it can be downright painful. The good news is that most people can completely or almost completely improve their symptoms. If you are suffering from dry eyes check out these tips or share them with a friend or loved one.

  • Use a humidifier in your home. Humid air means tears stay on the eyes longer as opposed to evaporating quickly in the dry air.
  • Take approximately 1000 mgs of omega-3 fatty acid supplements (fish oil) daily to improve the lipid layer of the tears. This is the layer that nourishes the eye.
  • Use preservative-free artificial tears as needed throughout the day such as Refresh, Blink Tears and Systane Balance.
  • Consider punctal plugs. If you have moderate to severe dry eyes, talk to your eye care provider about inserting punctal plugs. These tiny plugs are placed where the tears drain from the eye causing them to stay in the eye longer, which provides much needed hydration.
  • Use prescription eye drops. Sometimes dry eye sufferers need a little extra help in the form of prescription drops such as Restasis to improve the dry eye syndrome. While it can take several months to notice a difference, restasis can be safely taken for many years.

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