The Top 4 Riskiest Toys for Childrens’ Eye Health

Even though most parents try to stress the themes of love, togetherness, and generosity around this time of year, to kids, Christmas means one thing: toys. Since the vast majority of toy sales are made this month, we thought we’d devote today’s blog post to the toys that post the highest risk to kids’ eye health. We’re not saying to avoid purchasing the following toys altogether; however, your child is a bit accident-prone, it won’t hurt to choose a nice book or video game instead.

 Toy Guns that Shoot Projectiles

Even toy guns that shoot lightweight, cushy darts are risky for kids’ eye health. Even though the projectiles are soft, many of these toy guns can shoot up to distances of 75 feet, and and the darts move at speeds fast enough to cause a serious eye injury, especially when used at close range indoors. If your child just needs to have a toy with a trigger, we recommend a video game gun controller.

Water Balloon Launchers and Water Guns

Now, are we saying that no child should ever experience the joy of launching a bouncy ball of water at an opponent? Of course not. But these are toys which are better saved for occasions that will have adult supervision, such as a birthday party. Water balloons can cause serious blunt trauma that can cause retinal detachment and lead to permanent vision loss. And even toy guns that shoot a stream of water can cause serious eye damage, especially when used at close range.

Toy Wands, Swords, Sabers or Fishing Poles

Most of us are vigilant when a child is running with scissors, but far less so when they are handling a sticklike object made of plastic. All of these products are very risky when handled by high-energy, young children. Fishing pole toys pose double danger, as both the pole and object attached to the line can harm a child’s eye. Again, we’re not suggesting that your child never experience the fun of swinging a lightsaber, or casting a magic spell. Just take into consideration your child’s age, energy level, and fine motor control before making your purchase.

Aerosol (“Silly”) String 

Despite the harmless name, these products are actually very dangerous. The chemicals in the product can cause a type of pinkeye called chemical conjunctivitis, and when used at close range, aerosol string can also cause a corneal abrasion that could lead to a serious eye infection. 

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