The Importance of the Patient Story

Over the past 25 years, millions of Americans have enjoyed the benefits of laser vision correction procedures such as LASIK and PRK. Its widespread popularity has helped ease the mind of many who were hesitant to have the procedure. Even with its popularity, many people need to know first-hand what having the procedure is like. Previously, people would turn primarily to their friends and family for support before deciding whether or not to have the procedure. Today, they turn to the Internet.

According to Opinion Research Corporation, 34% of people who search for health information online use social media, online forums and message boards. The reason is because the Internet is often comprised of less judgemental people. Social networks connect patients with one another providing emotional support, encouragement and camaraderie. They also provide information and advice. A basic need is  fulfilled through these online sites, the need to know how common or unique their concern is.

LASIK has a generous share of online forums potential patients can visit. At Raleigh Eye Center, our goal is to help patients better understand what having the procedure is like. That is why in 2012 we are launching our monthly patient story feature. Each month throughout 2012, we will feature a LASIK or PRK patient’s personal story. Each story will share what the patient’s life was like before, during and after LASIK. We hope you will tune in each month to read each story. We have several lined up already and some of the stories are downright hilarious. The stories will be featured in our monthly newsletter. If you miss one, you can find it within our archives.

You do not have to navigate the LASIK waters alone. We are here to help. If you want to know more about LASIK, subscribe to our newsletter today so you do not miss out! If you are interested in being featured in one of our upcoming patient stories, please contact our office today.