The Impact Clear Vision Makes on One’s Life

For those of us who are fortunate enough to be born with clear vision naturally, we often lose sight of how much our vision impacts our daily lives. We take for granted how much we use our eyes each day. People who wear glasses or contact lenses know all too well how significant the ability to see clearly is. Simple requests such as the ability to see the clock at night or to clearly see the leaves on the trees may seem inconsequential to those with clear vision. But for people who wear glasses or contacts, clear vision would be a dream come true.

Our vision helps to keep us safe. If we can’t see, we can’t properly protect ourselves or those around us. For those with careers in fields such as law enforcement, military and firefighting, the loss of one’s vision while in the line of duty can be a matter of life and death. “As a law enforcement officer my vision was of the utmost importance. Before LASIK I felt unsafe at performing my job,” said Charlie M., LASIK patient at Raleigh Eye Center.

For the parents of small children, blurry vision at night can impact their ability to help and protect their children on demand. “I want to know that if I am needed in the middle of the night by my child, I am ready and don’t have to struggle to see clearly. LASIK made me feel more confident as a mother,” said Laura B., another Raleigh Eye Center patient.

People who have refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism seek out procedures such as LASIK and PRK for different reasons. Some decide to move forward with the procedure because they cannot wear contact lenses, while others have the procedure because of their active lifestyle or career choice. No matter the reason for wanting LASIK, we must remember that everyone deserves to see clearly. Don’t take for granted your ability to see. If you have clear vision, put on a friends, loved one’s or co-workers glasses and see for yourself what life is like blurry. Imagine the struggles you would go through if you needed corrective lenses to see clearly. Do this and you will see how LASIK can make someone’s life that much easier. Do this and you will see how LASIK changes lives for the better.