Lasik Eye Surgeon in Raleigh Shares The Best Sunglasses for Outdoor Activities

Spring means it’s finally time to hit the track, trails, or waterways for all the activities you’ve been missing all winter. While you’re taking in all that fresh air, remember to take care of your eyes. Extended exposure to UV rays can damage your eyes and cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and more. Below are the best sunglasses on the market that can keep your eyes safe this season.

(Note: the models in this list range from $60 to $250. These aren’t your everyday gas station sunglasses—these are designed to last you a lifetime and provide the best eye protection possible.)

Best Sunglasses for Running: ROKA Phantom Ti Sports Aviators

Yes, aviators. Finally, you can retain some old-school cool while maintaining a sprint. One of the most awarded sunglasses for runners, the Phantom includes fingerprint-resistant mirror lenses and ultra-lightweight, corrosion-resistant titanium frames. A patented sweat-proof grip keeps them from falling off your nose.

Best Sunglasses for Cycling: The Roka CP-1x

Worn in the Tour de France and the Olympics, Roka’s CP-1x offers greater peripheral views of the road and more lightweight protection than other sunglasses in its class. The unique frames feature lightweight titanium core wires that can be adjusted to fit any face. The full-coverage lenses protect cyclists from the elements.

Best Sunglasses for Water Sports: Maui Jim Waterman

As the name implies, the Waterman was designed specifically for wear during a variety of water activities, from fishing, to kayaking, to boating and sailing. A wrap-around frame and behind-the-head strap keeps them secure in the roughest of waters. The Waterman’s polarized lenses are finished to protect against oil, water, and scratches, and are specialized to eliminate water glare and fogging.

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