Summertime Eye Ailments

“It’s almost summertime.” You can almost hear this phrase being screamed throughout this season. Summertime is synonymous with fireworks, barbeques and large bodies of water. It can be a magical experience but an eye infection can turn a happy season into a sickly one.

There are two types of eye ailments to watch out for during the summer: conjunctivitis (pink eye) and Hordeola (Eye Stye).

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Pink eye is an eye ailment that occurs as a result of an infection of inflammation of the outermost layer of the eyeball. It is contagious if bacteria and viruses cause it, but non-contagious if caused by an allergy.

Pink eye can be contracted from anywhere including doorknobs, sharing foods and poor hygiene. To be specific, contact lens wearers should be very careful during the summertime. For example, attending a function while wearing contact lenses for an extended period of time can cause pink eye due to improper caring of the lenses.

Symptoms of Pink eye include watery and/or swollen eyes, discomfort and itchiness.

Hordeola (Eye Stye)

Eye Styes are bacterial infections that occur in the hair follicles or gland in oil-producing glands around the eyelashes or eye leads. They usually look like pimples on the upper of lower eyelids. Eye styes occur as a result of touching the eyes without washing the hands first and improper care of contact lenses. Some symptoms of eye stye include redness, swelling and tenderness, and sensitivity to light.

The treatment for eye ailments depends on the cause of the infection and includes eye drops, creams and antibiotics.

The best way to prevent summertime eye ailments is through practicing proper eye hygiene. Contact wearers should take proper care of their contact lenses and everyone should make sure their hands are always clean before touching the eyes.

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