A New Study Suggests Half of the World Will be Shortsighted by 2050

MyopiaIt is a known fact that most individuals are reliant on digital technology on a daily basis, but how exactly is this affecting our vision?

According to a new study published in Huffington Post Australia, it is predicted that one in two individuals will be shortsighted by 2050, and one fifth of the world’s population will be at risk for blindness. The study blamed urbanization, which is causing people to participate in more “close-range activities,” such as reading phones, computer screens and books. People are also spending less time outdoors and more time with technology, which is harming their vision.

Part of the study focused on researching and proving the fact that if children spend two or more hours a day outdoors, they are at a reduced risk of developing myopia, also known as nearsightedness. This eye disease can lead to blindness, and the study predicted that the rate of people suffering from myopia-related vision loss will increase seven-fold by 2050.

Balancing Your Time Between the Outdoors & Using Technology

Researchers in the study suggested that children can spend hours reading computer screens and phones, but as long as they spend two hours outdoors each day, they still protect themselves against developing myopia when they are older.

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