Sports and Bad Vision Don’t Mix – Get Active this Summer with LASIK

For many of us, the summer means more time outside enjoying both land and water sports.  With the start of the Olympics, we have even greater motivation to get off the couch and head outdoors. But if you wear glasses or contact lenses, it can be hard to enjoy your favorite sports or other activities for fear of injury, damage or misplacement. Replacing lost or broken glasses or contact lenses can be expensive, but the potential damage that a sports injury can have on the eyes can be devastating. If you enjoy an active life, this summer may be the best time to have LASIK.

While most people consider themselves unlikely to sustain an eye injury, they do happen. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, more than 2.5 million eye injuries occur each year and 50,000 people permanently lose part or all of their vision. The majority (73%) of eye injuries happen to males. This does not have to be the case as 90% of eye related injuries could be prevented by wearing protective eyewear.

All sports and outdoor activities pose some risk to the eyes, but if you wear glasses, impact-related injuries can be especially dangerous. Sports like basketball, baseball, softball, football, soccer, hockey and tennis put those with glasses at risk of serious eye injury. Standard eye glasses are not built to endure contact sports or sports that require a large amount of movement, nor are they designed to protect your eyes from sudden impact. Similarly, contacts offer no protection and can actually do more harm than good. Contacts can irritate your eyes, especially if you expose them to sweat or water.

It is important to protect your eyes from the sun, even when you wear glasses or contacts regardless of whether or not the sun is out. Sporting sunglasses are an option for those who enjoy low-intensity activities, like golf, since they offer adequate UVA and UVB protection. However, they are not the best option if you enjoy more active sports as they cannot withstand sudden impact any more than regular sunglasses or eyeglasses can.

We know that summertime is no time to stay indoors, especially because of your clunky sunglasses! That’s why for a limited time we are offering LASIK at a cost of only $995 per eye. This is an incredible opportunity to get out in the sun and enjoy your favorite sport to the fullest! If you are tired of your glasses getting in between you and your active lifestyle, then contact Raleigh Eye Center today for a LASIK consultation.