Six Tips for Choosing a Quality LASIK Center

For most people, the road to clear vision through refractive surgery is long an arduous. Not only do you need to save up to pay for LASIK, you also have to research and find the best facility and surgeon for you.. The eyes are very important organs that should be treated with care, so isn’t it important to make sure you can trust the person performing your LASIK procedure?

Here are six tips to help choose a quality LASIK center.

  1. Choose a LASIK surgeon who has proof of certification from the American Board of Ophthalmology and has performed at least 500 LASIK procedures.
  2. Did you feel comfortable during your LASIK consultation? Every patient has questions and if you don’t feel like your questions were answered properly, you should consider looking for another surgeon.
  3. Your LASIK surgeon should explain any risks and complications that may arise from the procedure specific to you. Every eye is unique and as such, so too are the risks that can occur. Understanding the risks associated with your having LASIK will make you a more informed consumer.
  4. A good refractive surgery center will provide information about the LASIK technology they use to conduct LASIK procedures. This includes information about the laser(s) used. Do your homework and determine what technology offers the best results. The technology offered by Raleigh Eye Center LASIK surgeons can be found here.
  5. Never choose a provider based on price. Conduct research, read reviews and ask for opinions before making a decision.
  6. Choose a facility that will do most or all pre and post-operative care.

At Raleigh Eye Center, we are dedicated to helping patients make the right decision in regards to LASIK and vision. Are you ready for a LASIK consultation? Call us or visit us on the web at Raleigh Eye Center.