Should I Get Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Contacts? Ask an Optometrist in Raleigh NC

With so many contact lens options to choose from, deciding which one to pick can be a little overwhelming. Here’s a quick breakdown of the different types of contact lenses and the advantages of each.

Daily Contact Lenses

Daily contact lenses are meant to be worn for a single day and then thrown out. Dailies require the least amount of upkeep—all you have to do is open a new pack in the morning, and throw them out before you go to sleep. Because daily contacts spend very little time in your eye, and no time in a contact case, they are very safe for your eye health.

However, daily lenses are just that—daily—so if you suddenly run out, you won’t be able to “stretch” them for a few days as you would weekly or monthly contacts. Daily contacts are also the most expensive type of contacts, and generate a lot of material waste.

Weekly Contact Lenses

Weekly disposable lenses are worn for one or two weeks, depending on the brand, and then thrown out. Weekly lenses are much more convenient for some people, as they don’t need to be opened every day. Weekly contacts also generate less waste and are less expensive than daily contacts.

On the other hand, weekly contacts require more upkeep than dailies, as they need to be stored in a contact case and rinsed every day. That means you will need to keep contact solution with you when you travel. Some people have difficulty remembering when to change their weekly contacts, although this can be avoided by scheduling the switch on your phone calendar.

Monthly Contact Lenses

Monthly contact lenses are worn for one month and then thrown out. For some people, monthly lenses are the most convenient option, because they don’t have to be constantly changed out. Monthlies generate the least material waste and are also the cheapest contact lens option.

However, most optometrists prefer that their patients use daily or weekly lenses, because they pose less of a risk for gathering bacteria. If your eye health is a big concern to you, you might want to avoid monthly lenses.

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