Obtain Sharper Reading Vision in One Eye Thanks to an Implant

What if you could achieve sharper reading vision without the use of reading glasses? A relatively new implant, called Kamra, suggests just that. How will it work? This donut-shaped device developed by AcuFocus, Inc., which went on sale this time last year, is implanted in just one eye and is then used to read.

Study Results Suggest Majority of Patients Have Improved Vision

AcuFocus funded a trial before the release of this product that consisted of 508 patients. According to study results, 87% of patients who kept Kamra in their eye for three years had at least 20/40 vision in the treated eye. The time frame in which patients experienced results ranged from right after the surgery to weeks or months following the surgery.

Kamra was developed in order to combat presbyopia, or farsightedness caused by a loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye. During the procedure, which lasts about 15 minutes, a surgeon implants the device, which acts like the F stop in a camera. If the patient does not like the implant, they can have it removed, and their vision will return to what it was before the surgery.

Learn About Other Treatments for Farsightedness

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