Raleigh Eye Doctor Tips to Help You Prevent Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome is a symptom that occurs when the eye develops a dryness that in turn can cause eye inflammation, and could result in a lack of tears for your eye. While it doesn’t usually impact the vision right away, if the symptoms are left untreated, they can be detrimental to your vision. While there is technically no way to prevent Dry Eye Syndrome, there are ways to reduce the risks of getting it by understanding what causes DES, and the kinds of treatment you can receive. Our team of Raleigh eye doctors are experts in the field of eye care and can offer you advice to try to prevent Dry Eye Syndrome or treat it during medical eye exams.

What Usually Causes DES?
Usually Dry Eye Syndrome is most common in elderly people and particularly more so with females. Your chances of getting DES also increase if you work in front of a computer most of the day and don’t blink much. If you’ve recently had laser surgery or use contact lenses, you may also be at greater risk of getting DES. You may also want to consult one of our local Raleigh eye doctors if you take any medication or eye drops, since both have been known to cause symptoms of DES as well.

What Should You Do To Try To Avoid DES?
While you cannot prevent DES or completely avoid it, as previously stated, there are steps you can take to reduce the risks or reduce the severity and the inflammation. One step is to avoid eye exposure to hot and dry air for long periods of time. Another step if you work in front of a computer most of the day, is to take frequent breaks from the computer to give your eyes rest and relief. You also may want to consider engaging in blinking exercises during times when your eyes are not exposed to television or computer screens or free of dry fast flowing air to lessen the strain on them.

What Kinds Of Treatment Can You Get For DES?
If you suspect you have a severe case of DES, you can schedule medical eye exams with any one of our Raleigh eye doctors and they can prescribe different treatments based on your needs. One method they might use during the medical eye exams, is testing your eye with fluorescein to diagnose your tear film. They also might use Schirmer’s test to measure the level of tear production. One of the most common treatments for DES is artificial tear drops. Other treatments could be cleaning the eye lashes with compressents, or using lubricants or ointments. You can also use omega-3 fatty acid foods for supplements for your eyes.

You can cope and find relief for your eyes even if you can’t completely prevent Dry Eye Syndrome, but before using any of these treatments, it is always best to visit a professional ophthalmologist. Call or schedule a visit to one of our local Raleigh eye doctors today to learn more about dealing with DES.