Raleigh Eye Center’s Statement on LASIK Safety

The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery represents more than 9,000 eye surgeons worldwide. ASCRS treats all concerns about the safety and effectiveness of LASIK very seriously. Based on substantial research and data collected over decades, ASCRS is convinced that LASIK is safe and effective, and offers a viable option for dramatically improving the quality of life for millions of qualified candidates. 

LASIK’s safety and effectiveness have been demonstrated in extensive studies conducted repeatedly over the past 20 years, involving thousands of patients and ever-improving technology. Multiple peer-reviewed studies published in medical journals show that more than 95 percent of LASIK patients are satisfied with their results. They also report that for the few patients who experience dry eye and night vision issues, the majority of their side effects resolve over time. Long-term LASIK side effects are extremely rare. ASCRS fully supports additional research to determine why side effects occur and how best to resolve them.

LASIK is surgery, and like all surgeries it involves some risk. In addition, not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK. People considering LASIK should research the procedure thoroughly, choose a qualified, board-certified surgeon, and discuss at length with the surgeon the risks and benefits of LASIK. Patients should work with their doctor to determine whether the procedure is right for them and their lifestyle. ASCRS and other organizations have resources available for anyone considering LASIK to assist in making an informed decision. To learn more about ASCRS please visit www.ASCRS.org

At Raleigh Eye Center, your safety is our number one concern. It is our mission to provide each patient with superior eye care and advanced surgical options in a state of the art facility. 

James W. Kiley, MD has been performing LASIK and PRK since the lasers were FDA approved for use in the US more than 15 years ago. His extensive experience and knowledge has culminated in some of the best surgical outcomes in the world. Following LASIK or PRK, 100% of his patients see 20/40 or better without glasses at distance and over 90% see 20/20 or better without glasses. 

For more information about Dr. Kiley, LASIK or Raleigh Eye Center, visit us online at http://raleigheyecenterlasik.com or call us at (919) 876-2427.