Raleigh Eye Center to Give Away Free LASIK

April 1, 2013 – Raleigh, NC – Raleigh Eye Center, the Triangle area’s leader in ophthalmology and laser vision correction, is giving away a free LASIK procedure during the month of April. Raleigh Eye Center, recognized for their unique commercials featuring humorous stories of what people do when they cannot see clearly, decided to see how funny and creative patients can be.

The rules are simple: submit a real or made up visually challenging moment on www.raleigheyecenter.com and the best moment will be chosen.

“We know that many people want LASIK but do not have the finances to pay for it. So we decided to give away a free LASIK procedure to the person who can come up with funniest and most creative ‘Visually Challenging Moment’” said Refractive Surgeon, James Kiley, at Raleigh Eye Center.

LASIK, an acronym for Laser Assisted Stromal In-situ Keratomileusis, is a surgical procedure in which a laser reshapes the eye’s inner cornea resulting in improved vision, eliminating or reducing the need for glasses and contact lenses.

“Having to constantly keep up with changing contact lens and glasses prescriptions can be tiring and expensive. The aim of this contest is to engage the Raleigh community, help Raleigh Eye Center create humorous commercials and improve the eyesight of a lucky winner. It’s a wonderful thing because everyone wins,” said Amanda Carey, LASIK Coordinator at Raleigh Eye Center.

To learn more about Raleigh Eye Center or to schedule a LASIK consultation, call 919-876-2427 or visit them online: www.raleigheyecenterlasik.com.

The Raleigh Eye Center has been improving the vision of Triangle area residents for over 30 years. With a reputation for providing quality, comprehensive eye care, the Raleigh Eye Center offers a full range of services from routine eye care to refractive, cataract and glaucoma surgery. Located in Raleigh at 3320 Executive Drive, Suite 111 Raleigh, NC 27609. For more information, call (800) 596-0384 or online at www.raleigheyecenterlasik.com.