Raleigh Eye Center Awards Free LASIK To Raleigh Resident

Raleigh Eye Center’s “Visually Challenged Moment” contest garnered much attention from Raleigh/Durham residents as hundreds of entries were submitted in hopes of winning free LASIK. Raleigh resident, Kelly Castillo’s story depicting the challenges of life as a new recruit in the US Army took the prize.

Raleigh Eye Center, the Triangle area’s leader in ophthalmology and laser vision correction, has awarded free LASIK to Raleigh, NC resident, Kelly Castillo as the winner of their second annual Visual Challenged Moment Contest. Raleigh Eye Center, recognized for their unique commercials featuring humorous stories of what people do when they cannot see clearly, decided to see how funny and creative patients could be in exchange for free LASIK.

No stranger to implementing programs for the betterment of North Carolinians, Raleigh Eye Center developed the Visually Challenged Moment Contest as a way to give back to the community while encouraging creativity and humor. This is the third year the Raleigh Eye Center has offered a free LASIK contest to the community.

“LASIK is a medical procedure and must be taken seriously,” said Refractive Surgeon, James Kiley at Raleigh Eye Center. “We are casting humor on the silly things people do or could potentially do when they cannot see clearly,” added Kiley.

The winners’ story depicted life as a new U.S. Army recruit with poor vision. Her entry took readers through the trials and tribulations of going through boot camp virtually blind.

“We received more contest entries than ever before and are delighted that people took so much time to share their ‘Visually Challenging Moment,’” said LASIK Coordinator, Amanda Carey, at Raleigh Eye Center. “We read each and every entry that was submitted. Kelly was selected as the winner because her story was not only funny, it touched our hearts,” Carey added.

“After learning I won the contest, I shook for about an hour because I couldn’t believe it,” said Kelly Castillo of Raleigh. “I have been wearing glasses since the third grade and have wanted to have LASIK for many years,” Castillo added.

To read Kelly’s “Visually Challenging Moment” entry or to learn more about LASIK and the Raleigh Eye Center, visit http://raleigheyecenterlasik.com/news/contests/.