Protecting Your Sight & Why It’s So Important for Your Overall Health

The ability to see is one of the most precious senses we have. The risk of losing our sight is very real and can be increased by a variety of lifestyle factors. By implementing a few vision saving habits, you can reduce the risk of blindness and other vision reducing conditions dramatically.

One of the most important things you can do to care for your eyes is to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses should be worn year round. By wearing UV protection sunglasses, you reduce your exposure to harmful UV rays. Conditions like cataracts; pterygium (overgrowth of conjunctiva), pinguecula (eye degeneration) and even some forms of cancer such as melanoma of the eyelids have been linked to chronic UV ray exposure.  When selecting sunglasses, make sure you are receiving full (100%) UV protection. The best sunglasses have 100% UV protection. Lenses that wrap around to completely protect your eyes from UV rays are best.

Another way you can keep your eyes protected is by giving your eyes a rest from contact lenses. By sleeping in contact lenses that are intended for daytime use only, you are putting your eyes at risk of developing an infection. Contact lenses reduce the amount of oxygen that gets to the eye. When you wear contacts for extended periods that are not made for this type of use, you starve your eye of the precious oxygen it needs to be healthy. If you want to keep contacts in for extended periods, choose contacts that are intended for this. It is also important to clean your contacts thoroughly between uses. LASIK may be an excellent solution for those wanting to free themselves from their contact lenses.

We have all heard that it is important to eat a healthy diet. But did you know that women who ate three or more servings of fruit a day reduce their risk of developing age related macular degeneration (AMD) by 36%. According to an Archives of Ophthalmology study, the antioxidants found in many fruits and vegetables absorb harmful UV rays and play an important role in keeping the eyes functioning properly.

Smoking can cause problems within the body as a whole. There are a host of eye problems that can be caused by smoking. People who smoke are four times more likely to develop AMD than those who do not smoke. Smokers are also more likely to develop cataracts. These conditions are caused by the toxins that can damage the blood vessels in the eye.

Taking care of your eyes should be a priority. We have a choice when it comes to what we put in our body and what we expose our body to in the outdoors. Be proactive by protecting your vision from potential risks. If you have questions about how to improve the health of your eyes, call the Raleigh Eye Center today!