How to Protect Your Eyes When Swimming in the Pool This Summer

Family wearing googlesSummer is here, which means that you are probably looking for an easy way to escape the heat. Swimming can be a great past time and means of exercise. If you are swimming laps in your neighborhood pool to stay fit this summer, it is important to make sure you protect your eyes from chemicals in the swimming pool.

In every swimming pool are chemicals that are used to disinfect and kill any bacteria that may be harboring. When you swim underwater with your eyes open, it can be harmful and cause redness, inflammation and itchiness for your eyes. Wearing swimming goggles can help prevent any harm from coming to your eyes while you enjoy a nice, relaxing way to beat the summer heat.

Avoid Wearing Contacts While Swimming Underwater

Do you own a pair of contacts that you wear everywhere you go? One place you should avoid wearing them is the swimming pool. They won’t protect your eyes if you open your eyes underwater, and you may in fact end up losing them. Instead, it is recommended that you wear goggles, or if you don’t have access to goggles, close your eyes whenever you submerge your head underwater.

If you notice that you are swimming laps with goggles on and you still experience discomfort, try using artificial teardrops to wash out your eyes after you are finished swimming.

If you have tried all of these methods and are still noticing that your eyes are becoming irritated after you swim, reach out to our eye care specialists at Raleigh Eye Center. We would be happy to look at your eyes and determine a solution that allows you to enjoy swimming.