Peripheral Vision Test Might Prevent Concussions

Peripheral Vision and ConcussionsIs there a correlation between improved peripheral vision and a reduced chance of developing a concussion? Researchers at the University of Cincinnati seem to think so.

In their study, they looked at collegiate football players and found that when an athlete had good peripheral vision, they were less likely to develop a concussion while playing football. Why is this? Peripheral vision, or the ability to detect and see things not in your direct line of sight, plays an important role in the sport of football, and it was found that athletes with poor peripheral vision reacted more slowly during the game. Poor peripheral vision caused them to put themselves at a higher risk for injury, while playing a contact sport like football.

Testing Your Peripheral Vision at Home

Are you interested in checking your peripheral vision at home? Follow these simple steps to see your current level of peripheral vision awareness:

  1. Stand a few feet away from an object.
  2. Focus on the object and hold your arms out to your sides, while wiggling your fingers.
  3. If you can’t see your fingers, slowly bring your arms toward you, until you do.
  4. Now, move your hands back until you cannot see your fingers anymore.
  5. This is the level of your peripheral vision awareness.

Learn About Training Your Peripheral Vision at Raleigh Eye Center

If you are interested in improving your peripheral vision awareness through vision training, visit with one of the eye doctors at Raleigh Eye Center. We can give you some tests to perform at home to help you start seeing your best in no time. Schedule an appointment with us today.