Our Raleigh Optometrists Talk About The Dangers of Blue Light

So, what are the 4 important blue light safety tips from our Raleigh eye doctor?

Blue light is all around us. It’s in the sky, on our smartphones, the televisions we watch, and many more electronic devices. About 33% of the light that we detect in our eyes throughout the day is actually high energy visible (HEV) light or otherwise named blue light.

Your Raleigh NC eye doctor is here to educate you about blue light and 4 safety tips for safely using electronic devices.

Blue Light in Your Daily Life

According to Straight Talk blog, people use their smartphones 3 or more hours per day mainly for text messaging, interacting with social media, and using GPS.

A.C. Nielsen Co reports that Americans watch about 4 or more hours of television on a daily basis.

For the average American, that is an over abundance of exposure to blue light that could damage your eyes. Conduct a “find an eye doctor near me” online search if you are having trouble seeing.

1. Limit Your Television Time

Yes, binging your favorite show is pleasurable, but it can do a number on your eyes. Consider watching a 25 minute show, taking a break by doing something else in the house for 1-2 hours, and then watching another show later on. This will spread out the time in which you are exposed to blue light during the day.

2. Multi-Task While Watching Television

To rest your eyes in between watching television, you can multi-task and get some tasks done around your home such as:

  • Folding your laundry.
  • Dusting your living room surfaces.
  • Going through old papers.
  • Doing your dishes (if you have a tv in or right at the edge of the kitchen)

3. Watch Your Smartphone Time

Keep smartphone usage to 15-20 minutes at a time. If you must use your phone for more than that time range, do some eye exercises to strengthen and moisten your eyes in between looking at the screen.

Try the 20-20-20 rule where you look at your screen for 20 minutes and then look at distant object that is 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

4. Reduce Blue Light at Night

According to Harvard, there are ways that you can reduce blue light exposure at night time such as:

  • Installing an app on your smartphone that limits the blue light emitting from your screen at night.
  • Use blue-blocking glasses when using electronics if you are on a night shift.
  • Stop using electronic devices about 2-3 hours before your bed time.

Check Your Eyes Today!

If you are experiencing pain or blurriness in your eyes, consider a search online for “find an eye doctor near me”. Schedule an appointment with our Raleigh NC eye doctor to check your vision today!