Our Raleigh Optometrist Talks Causes of Blurry Vision

Raleigh NC eye doctors often treat patients who suffer from blurry vision. Blurry vision is not only inconvenient, but it will also be a lot harder for you to complete your daily activities. Fortunately, the cause of blurry vision is usually easy to treat.

Refractive Errors

Blurry vision is sometimes caused by refractive errors. This is a problem that has to be correct by Raleigh NC eye doctors. You may need to get glasses or contacts.


Cataracts are another problem that has to be corrected by an eye doctor. It is a condition that occurs when the lens of your eyes gets clouded. The eye doctor will have to perform surgery in order to remove the cataract.

Too Much Time at the Computer

Many of us are required to spend a lot of time at the computer because of their job. This can lead to something called computer vision syndrome. It causes blurry vision and headaches. You need some blue light safety tips to handle this problem.

You should take frequent breaks from the computer. This is one of the best blue light safety tips. You may also want to wear glasses that are designed to block out the blue light. Additionally, you should expose yourself to plenty of bright light.

Serious Medical Condition

You should see your primary care doctor if your blurry vision is persistent. There are man medical conditions that can cause blurry vision. This includes things such as high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

Where do I find an eye doctor near me? That is a question that you may have. You can call us and make an appointment with our doctors.