Our Raleigh Optometrist Explains The Importance of Regular Checkups

There are two main questions that people have about eye exams. They may ask “Where do I find an eye doctor near me?” They may also ask “Why do I need to see an eye doctor?” There are several reasons that you need to get eye exams on a regular basis.

Protect Your Eye Health

Your Raleigh NC eye doctor will help you keep your eyes healthy. Eye problems are much easier to treat if they are caught early. You may not notice if there are subtle changes in your vision. However, you may still need glasses or contacts.

Your chances of developing serious eye issues increases as you get older. This includes things such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. An eye doctor checkup in Raleigh will reveal those problems, and your eye doctor will be able to find the appropriate treatment for you.

Protect Your Overall Health

Your Raleigh NC eye doctor can help you improve your overall health. Eye exams can reveal diabetes and high blood pressure. Those conditions can cause changes in your eyes. If you do not know that you have those conditions, then you will be able to get the appropriate treatment.

Save Money

Regular eye exams can help you save a lot of money. Eye problems are a lot easier to treat in the early stages. If you have a serious eye condition that goes untreated, then you may need surgery. However, early detection and treatment can eliminate the need for surgery.

You may be asking “Where do I find an eye doctor near me?” If you are ready to make an appointment, then you can contact our eye doctor.