Our Raleigh Eye Doctor Explains Why You May Have Swollen Eyelids

Local optometrists near me can treat swollen eyelids. However, in order to give you the proper treatment, they must identify the cause of it. There are several things that can cause swollen eyelids.


A stye is an infection that affects the eyelid gland. Styes are red, itchy bumps. They typically go away one their own. You can use warm compresses to alleviate the pain. However, if you have several styes at once or you develop a fever, then you should see Raleigh eye doctors.


Allergies can cause your eyes to swell up. Pollen and dust are some of the main things that can irritate your eyes. You can treat eye allergies with Benadryl and over-the-counter eye drops.

Pink Eye

Pink eye is also known as conjunctivitis. It occurs when the conjunctiva, which is the membrane that is located in front of the eye, becomes inflamed. It typically clears up on its own within a few days. However, you should see local optometrists near me if the infection does not go away.


If you suffer an eye injury, then it is likely to swell. You can avoid eye injuries by using a few eye safety tips. For example, you should wear protective eyewear when you are doing high-risk activities. You will also need to wear goggles when you are exposed to chemicals. Additionally, you will need to be careful when you are using hot objects or cooking.

If you have swollen eyelids and need treatment, then you can contact our Raleigh eye doctors. We will help you get the right treatment.