Our Eye Doctors Help You Prevent Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a very serious chronic disease that can cause vision loss if it’s not properly taken care of and monitored. There are steps that can be taken by the patient to prevent glaucoma from getting worse and effecting the patient’s eye sight. Comprehensive eye exams and preventive measures and advice from our eye doctor in Raleigh who performs comprehensive eye exams can play vital roles in helping a Glaucoma patient maintain the current stats of their eye sight. As long as a patient does what’s necessary steps, someone with Glaucoma can prevent the loss of their eye sight and because the potential loss of their vision is ultimately in their own hands, there shouldn’t be any reason why a patient has to go through losing their vision to the disease.

Patients can prevent vision loss from Glaucoma by regularly and consistently taking prescription eye drops that are specifically made for stopping the progression of the chronic disease that could cause vision impairment. It’s important for a glaucoma patient to be actively responsible in applying the eye drops when they’re told to, for not doing so can be very damaging to the eyes. It’s also important that your doctor knows your behavior when it comes to actually following their orders; Lying about how often you forget to apply eye drops or saying that you apply them more than you actually do isn’t going to help you. Your doctor won’t be able to properly monitor the changes to your eye pressure and your eye sight could get worse even though it could have easily been prevented. It’s important for patients to be open and honest with their eye doctors in Raleigh; If a patient quite frequently forgets to apply their eye drops, the doctor and patient can determine a better way to fit taking the drops better into their schedule. If the cost of the eye drops is an issue, that’s a problem that can also be fixed by simply telling your doctor about it; The prescription can be changed to a more affordable brand of drops or the patient may even qualify for certain benefits that will make the drops little to no cost to them. This are important needed steps to prevent glaucoma symptoms from progressing and they should be taken seriously.

With effective ways to prevent Glaucoma, and eye doctors in Raleigh who wish to help those patients keep one of their most vital senses intact, a patient can enjoy their eye sight as long as they take the necessary easy and important steps to do so. Glaucoma is a serious chronic disease that should be monitored closely with the required medical actions being taken, getting the proper prescriptive eye drops plays an important role in doing that. It all starts with getting the recommended comprehensive eye exams to be aware of the health and state of one’s Glaucoma and finding the right eye doctors in Raleigh that will help you to ensure you keep your eye sight as long as possible.