Now is Clearly the Time for LASIK

As summer continues to grow close, people are preparing their bodies for the beach and pool. The desire to feel and look your best in a bathing suit is quite common. One thing that is often forgotten however, is the need to see your best as well. Glasses and contact lenses can be cumbersome when trying to enjoy all that summer has to offer. By being proactive, you can enjoy your summer in a way you only dreamed of…with the gift of clear vision through LASIK.

Countless patients have told us that they wish they had LASIK sooner. Once they realize how much easier life is without glasses or contact lenses, they wish they had not waited.

If finances are a concern, Raleigh Eye Center is offering 0 payments and 0% interest for 12 months! This will allow you to keep your money in the bank earning interest while you spend your time seeing clearly and enjoying the freedom of glasses and contact lens free living!

This is what Dwight had to say about the freedom that LASIK provided:

LASIK changed my life. At the time that I had LASIK I was doing a lot of outdoor sports where glasses or contacts were not an option. When surf kayaking for example, I would take out my contacts and just wing it. One wipeout in a wave, and my contacts would be sea turtle food.”

With LASIK you can enjoy a quick recovery time, however, you will need to avoid swimming for one week after surgery to reduce the risk of infection. If you have PRK, the healing time is greater and you must avoid certain sports including swimming for a longer period of time. We will be able to tell you which procedure is best suited for you during a consultation with Dr. James Kiley.

Don’t spend your summer squinting, trying to find your way back to your family after swimming at the beach or pool. Get LASIK and get clear! Call us today to schedule a consultation at (919) 876-2427 or visit us online at