New Year, New You – Why 2013 is Your Year for Clear Vision

At the start of every year, millions of Americans consider how they want to improve their lives over the next twelve months. For many, a top 2013 resolution item is improving one’s self physically. This can be in the form of weight loss, quitting smoking or getting LASIK. The desire to see clearly, often for the first time in their lives, without glasses or contact lenses is a goal worth making and achieving. As prospective patients arrive at our office for their LASIK consultation, we ask why they are interested in having the procedure. Here are the top reasons given to us for wanting clear, natural vision:

  1. Glasses and contact lenses can be cumbersome when trying to enjoy all that life has to offer. One of the most popular reasons for getting LASIK is the ability to enjoy sports without worrying about losing glasses or contacts or purchasing expensive and bulky sports glasses.
  2. The ability to wake up in the morning (or middle of the night) and see clearly is a top wish among those who wear corrective lenses.
  3. Many financially conscious people realize that over-time, contact lenses and glasses are more expensive than LASIK. Adding up the amount of money spent on glasses or contact lenses over the past few years, they have realized that it is close to what they would spend on LASIK. The savings can be even greater if a flexible spending account (FSA) is used.
  4. Many LASIK patients have careers where clear vision is not only necessary, it can mean the difference between life and death. This is especially the case for those who have careers in law enforcement, pilots, firefighters and the military. LASIK helps them not only perform their job better, it helps them perform it more safely.
  5. The amount of people choosing LASIK because on their inability to wear contact lenses has grown recently. After many years of enjoying successful contact lens use, the sudden inability to wear them can be disappointing. Dry eyes, allergies, infections and sensitivity to contact lens solutions have caused many people to cease using contacts permanently.

So what is your reason for having LASIK in 2013? Whatever the reason, we encourage you to give Raleigh Eye Center a call today to schedule a consultation. Learn what life could be like with clear, natural vision. Go ahead and make 2013 your year for clear vision with LASIK!