New Research Reveals that Eye Drops May Reverse Cataracts

Cataract TreatmentAs a leading cause of vision loss and blindness in more than 20 million Americans, cataracts have only been able to be treated with surgery, until now. A recent study revealed that someday cataracts may be able to be reversed with the use of simple eye drops.

According to researchers at the University of California, San Diego, an eye drop has effectively reversed cataracts in animal testing.

The Power of Lanosterol in Cataract Treatment

It all began with three children who were suffering from severe cataract conditions. Researchers sequenced the children’s genomes and, in doing so, found a gene mutation that interfered with the production of lanosterol. They then determined that lanosterol, a naturally occurring steroid in the body, may have the ability to reverse cataracts.

Their tests began in lab cultures, than in rabbits, and finally on seven types of dogs suffering from this eye disease. Researchers injected lanosterol-loaded nanoparticles into the dogs’ eyes while they were sedated and then gave them lanosterol eye drops for six weeks. They found that lanosterol significantly improved the dogs’ cataracts.

Human trials have not yet started, but this is a huge step in reversing, and even completely eliminating, cataracts without the use of surgery.

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