A Children’s Book that Tests Kids’ Vision Is Currently World’s Most Effective Advertising Campaign

Daughter laying top mother reading book rugWhen you think of effective marketing, Nike, Gatorade or Coca-Cola might come to mind. Currently, the world’s most effective advertising campaign is … a children’s book? Yes, in fact, it is a children’s book that also tests kid’s vision.

This book, named “Penny the Pirate,” created by Australian ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, features eye tests that are disguised as images on its pages. This book was created for optometry company OPSM in June 2014 and has since seen 126,000 purchases. Listed as the No. 1 campaign under The Warc 100, this book tests kid’s vision in a fun way. Instead of taking your child to the optometrist, you can simply read them a story from this book and test their eyesight while you do it.

Testing Children’s Distance Vision, Color Vision & Depth Perception in a Unique & Fun Way

Distance vision, color vision and depth perception are the most common vision issues found in children, and “Penny the Pirate” focuses on all three. We applaud this company for focusing on an important issue, while still making it fun for the children.

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