Life After LASIK: Amanda Smith’s LASIK Account

Life After LASIK: Amanda Smith’s LASIK Account

We love happy endings! The winner of this year’s LASIK giveaway, Amanda Smith, shares her recent experience having LASIK at Raleigh Eye Center.

  1. Why did you choose Raleigh Eye Center for LASIK? A friend from work referred me. He and other co-workers had exceptional experiences here!

  2. Describe your experience at Raleigh Eye Center. AWESOME! Amanda, Michelle and Dr. Kiley made me feel so comfortable and told me every step as the completed the LASIK procedure. They even let my sister sit back with me during my LASIK surgery. It was fast, easy and almost painless!

  3. What surprised you the most about the procedure? I could see as soon as it was over! I was so impressed I could read the clock that was hanging from the wall.

  4. Would you recommend Raleigh Eye Center for LASIK? Absolutely! Raleigh Eye Center is so professional and thorough with their services. The staff is incredibly friendly. If you are considering LASIK, definitely check out Raleigh Eye Center! Winning the contest has been the BEST experience of my life and I am so thankful!