LASIK Patient Stories – Naomi

As humans, we seek out others that are like us. We want to surround ourselves with people that have gone through similar things or have similar backgrounds. So too is the case when considering having a surgical procedure such as LASIK or PRK. Most people, if they asked around, would discover that they know at least one person that has had laser vision correction. When considering LASIK, you want to corner that person and ask them all about their experience.

The point of our “Patient Stories” series is to help those considering LASIK understand from the patient’s perspective, what the procedure is like. It is also helpful to understand what their life was like before LASIK and after without filtering their words. During our patient story interview process, we ask the questions that patients want to know the answer to. We hope you will find this helpful in making a decision on whether or not to have the procedure. If you have a story you would like to share, please let us know by emailing or calling (919) 876-2427.

Here’s Naomi’s answers:

What was life like before LASIK?

I was 200% dependent on having to wear glasses and contact lenses.

What were the biggest challenges you experienced with your glasses or contact lenses?

My glasses fogged up when it was humid outside. It was also hard to go swimming and enjoy water sports. My eyes got very dry and irritated with my soft contact lenses.

Were you nervous or apprehensive about having LASIK or PRK? If so, why?

I was nervous because I thought the procedure was going to hurt.

What was the procedure like?

I was surprised that the procedure happened so fast. The valium I received was very helpful at calming my nerves.

Tell us about the morning after having the procedure?

It was so weird not having to wear glasses after having to wear them my whole life.

What are your thoughts about the procedure and your new vision now that time has passed?

I am very happy I did it and would recommend it to anyone who wears glasses or contact lenses and wants to be rid of them.