Is Lasik Recommended for Athletes & Sportsmen?

Wouldn’t it be great to head out on the playing field and not have to worry about breaking your glasses, dislodging your contact lenses, or putting on your vision-correcting sports goggles? If this sounds appealing to you, it’s time to consider Lasik surgery from an eye surgeon in Raleigh.

Being an athlete means that there are specific considerations that you must keep in mind before having eye surgery, but it certainly doesn’t rule you out as a candidate. Here’s what you need to know about Lasik for athletes.

Lasik Makes Playing Sports Easier
Being able to see all the action on the playing field is essential for athletes. Depending on your sport, you may need to be able to see the ball’s movement or the other players’ locations.

Glasses and other corrective lenses can give you the improved vision that you need, but they’re a burden to deal with, and they can easily be broken during play.

Getting a Lasik procedure from an eye surgeon in Raleigh can solve all of these problems. After surgery, you’ll be able to see everything on the field with exceptional clarity, and you won’t have to wear corrective lenses to make it happen.

Athletes Need a Longer Recovery Period Than Most People
Although Lasik surgery can make life easier for athletes, it’s important to take post-surgery precautions so that you don’t injure your eyes during the healing process. While most people can resume normal activities after just a few days, you’ll probably need to take off more time before returning to your athletic endeavors.

The following problems can arise from playing too soon:

  • Dirt or sweat in your eyes can cause an infection.
  • Getting hit in the eye can hurt the corneal flap.
  • Watching the quick action on the playing field may strain your healing eyes.

How much time you need to take off will vary based on the sport that you play. Your Raleigh Lasik surgeon can provide specific instructions for your situation, but the general time frame is:

  • Three to four days for exercise, jogging and non-contact sports. For one week, avoid getting sweat in your eyes.
  • One month for contact sports. Protective goggles may be required for a few additional months.

Make an appointment with our Raleigh Lasik surgeon to discuss whether you’re a good candidate for surgery.