How to Prevent a Misdemeanor After LASIK

After much research and saving, you decided to undergo LASIK surgery. LASIK releases you of any restrictions that you have had all of your life. The glasses and contacts are gone and you receive this change gladly. However there is another restriction on your driver’s license that you need to remove or risk a hefty fine and misdemeanor charge.

After a LASIK procedure, it is important to remember to go to your local DMV to remove the vision restriction from your driver license. At the DMV you should have a letter or a form signed by your surgeon stating that you vision has been surgically corrected. At Raleigh Eye Center, we provide this to you at your one-day post-operative appointment.

Meredith Crock of Ohio was handed a citation after she was pulled over for speeding. She also received another citation for not wearing her corrective lenses and will have to appear in court for a misdemeanor charge. Meredith had just undergone a LASIK procedure and did not know she had to remove the restriction from her license.

“In the excitement of having clear vision, patients often forget about the need to visit the DMV to have their drivers license updated,” said James Kiley, MD, Refractive Surgeon at Raleigh Eye Center.

Meredith is a classic example of what can happen after a LASIK procedure. We at the Raleigh Eye Center strongly advise that after your LASIK procedure you carry around proof of your procedure and vision improvement until you can remove the restriction for your license. While citations are issued at the trooper’s discretion, it is important to drive prepared.

A drivers license that is without restrictions is something to be proud to get – don’t delay this experience! If you have any questions, give us a call at (919) 876-2427.