How to be a Smart LASIK Patient

There are a lot of news articles recently about LASIK technology. It can become confusing knowing what is truly best. Raleigh Eye Center wants to help shed some light on the topic. In this article we will share information on LASIK technology and how it can mean a better outcome for you. We will also let you know why you may not need to spend that extra money to get an excellent result.

The first step in any LASIK procedure is creating a corneal flap. Historically, this has been performed using a microkeratome. A microkeratome is a small, handheld device that creates a corneal flap. The flap created is approximately 2-3 human hairs thick (the entire cornea is about 11 hairs thick). The flap is created to provide the surgeon access to the stroma which is the part of the eye that is reshaped or corrected using the excimer laser. The entire flap creation process takes less than 10 seconds to complete.

A second way to create a corneal flap is with a femtosecond laser. There are several lasers available and each surgeon has their laser of choice. At Raleigh Eye Center, the laser we use is called a Zeimer. The Ziemer places tiny direct pulses of infrared light into a specific depth within the corneal surface. These light pulses separate the corneal tissue at the molecular level creating microscopic bubbles of carbon dioxide and water at their point of impact, thereby separating the layers of the cornea. The entire flap creation process takes between 25 and 45 seconds.

The next step is to reshape the cornea, thereby correcting the vision. This is completed using a cool beam laser, called an excimer laser. Like the femtosecond laser, there are several types of excimer lasers available.  Custom LASIK is a term commonly used to denote a type of treatment available when having LASIK. Custom LASIK allows for some extremely precise, individualized visual outcomes because of the three dimensional measurements that guide the laser during treatment.

At Raleigh Eye Center, we use the Allegretto laser. The Allegretto laser uses a state of the art tracking system to track and neutralize even the most minimal amount of eye movement, to ensure the safest and most accurate treatment for our patients. A common question patients ask us is what would happen if they were to look away during treatment. Should a patient accidentally look out of the treatment range, the eye tracker will automatically pause until the patient’s alignment is back in range before continuing treatment.

It can be challenging knowing where to go for laser vision correction. The aggressive marketing of some providers often confuses potential patients as to what they actually need for a good outcome. Suddenly learning that the price for LASIK has gone up from the anticipated amount can halt one’s desire to move forward. At Raleigh Eye Center, you pay one price for LASIK – and it is the best LASIK for you. Through the end of August, you can get the best for $995 per eye. For more information, visit us online at or call (919) 876-2427 today.