Getting the Biggest Bang for Your LASIK Buck

If you are like many Raleigh, NC flexible spending account (FSA) holders, you are scrambling this time of year to use the remaining money left in your account. There are only so many bandages and thermometers you need. If you are searching for a valid use of your hard-earned tax free dollars, why not consider LASIK  at Raleigh Eye Center? Want a tax write-off? LASIK is your answer!

Most people do not realize that LASIK is tax-deductible medical expense. LASIK is a surgical procedure that qualifies as a medical expense. According to TurboTax, “You can deduct any expense you pay for the prevention, diagnosis or medical treatment…and any amounts you pay to treat or modify any part or function of the body for health but not for cosmetic purposes.” This means that since LASIK corrects refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, it qualifies.

Raleigh Eye Center has improved the vision of thousands of Triangle area residents for over 30 years. We offer several procedure and technology options to meet the unique needs of each patient. We use the Allegretto Wave laser to provide each of our patients with a customized treatment that incorporates wavefront design. We also offer both the microkeratome and femtosecond (bladeless) laser for corneal flap creation.

With over thirty years of experience, we know safety. Complications with LASIK are very rare and at Raleigh Eye Center, they are almost nonexistent. The results our patients experience after LASIK speak volumes as to the quality of work provided by Dr. James Kiley during a LASIK or PRK treatment. The national average enhancement (retreatment) rate is around 10%. At Raleigh Eye Center, it is only 3%.

Don’t waste another year getting frustrated with glasses and contact lenses. Let 2013 be your year for clear vision. Call (919) 876-2427 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. James Kiley.