Fourth of July Safety Tips

The fourth of July is also known as Independence Day. There are fireworks displays and enough food to feed an entire continent for days. Memories are built during this day but proper safety determines if it will lead to good or bad memories.

Fourth of July Statistics:

On the fourth of July, about 130 people go to the emergency room with firework related injuries with 40% of the injuries occurring in the age bracket of 25-40 and 17% occurring around the eyes. Males have the most injuries (68%) and were injured by firecrackers, reloadable shells and roman candles. About four firework related death resulted from illegal homemade fire works in 2011.

Now that you know how terrifying fireworks can be, what are you going to about it? Follow these Fourth of July Safety tips to prevent serious eye injuries. 

  1. Never allow children near fireworks
  2. Wear goggles when igniting fireworks
  3. View Fireworks at least 500 feet away
  4. Do not try to pick up half-ignited fireworks
  5. Make sure the fireworks you buy are legal.

Practicing eye safety during the fourth of July is important. Protect your eyes from eye injuries by wearing eye protection. The best way to view fireworks is to let professionals do them. Have fun but don’t forget to be safe.