Five Questions to Ask Before Having LASIK

If you are one of the millions gearing up to have LASIK this year, you are probably in the process of deciding where to go for this important procedure. While the procedure has evolved into the most popular cosmetic procedure performed, the skills needed to perform the procedure well come with experience. When considering any medical procedure, it is essential that you do your due diligence and ask questions. The following questions were selected, as they will help you understand your surgical options and determine which facility is best suited for your unique needs.

1.    How many refractive surgery procedures have you performed?

LASIK is generally a very safe procedure, however, it is still important to choose a highly experienced surgeon to perform it. Increased surgical experience has been shown to correlate to safer procedures and improved outcomes. It is best to stick with surgeons who have performed over 500 procedures. Dr. Kiley has performed thousands of refractive procedures to date.

2.    What is your enhancement rate?

The need for an enhancement or LASIK touch-up can happen to any patient. This is because everyone heals at different rates. While enhancements are more common in patients with higher prescriptions, the skill of the surgeon and the way your treatment is planned also plays a role. When comparing LASIK surgeons it is important to consider their enhancement rate. At Raleigh Eye Center, our overall enhancement rate is 2%.

3.    Have you had an outbreak of a serious eye infection? If so, what was the cause?

Infections happen, but outbreaks of serious eye infections raise questions about surgical hygiene. Knowing if the facility you are considering has had an outbreak of a serious eye infection is an important piece of information you must uncover prior to choosing a provider. Raleigh Eye Center’s attention to detail and meticulous intra-operative aseptic techniques have allowed them to maintain an infection rate of zero.

4.    Should I have microkeratome or bladeless LASIK?

Not all facilities offer both the microkeratome and the femtosecond laser (bladeless). Depending on the patient, one may be a better option than the other. It is best to choose a facility where both options are offered to ensure you receive the best treatment for your unique needs. We are pleased to offer both the femtosecond laser and microkeratome at Raleigh Eye Center.

5.    Do you charge for enhancements when they are needed?

This is an important consideration because as mentioned above, touch-ups are sometimes needed. The best way to protect yourself from the risk of unnecessary expense down the road is to choose a provider that offers free enhancements. If an enhancement is needed, it is usually within the first one to two years after surgery. At Raleigh Eye Center, we stand behind our results and therefore offer free enhancements for the first two years after surgery. Should an enhancement be needed after this period, we will provide it at a significantly discounted rate.