Eye-Scanning Technology Could Be the Future of ATMs

Eye-Scanning Technology in ATMsImagine being able to withdraw money from an ATM by simply scanning your irises instead of pulling out your debit card. This may be the future of ATMs, as one is currently being developed by Diebold.

Using both iris-scan biometric technology and a smartphone, this new self-serve machine (known as “Irving”) will dispense cash by using an individual’s smartphone screen, which eliminates the need for a card reader or pin pad. To confirm the identity of the person using the ATM, a quick iris scan will be completed.

It is still undetermined if consumers will consent to the iris scan in order to receive cash withdrawals. In a study conducted in the UK, 70 percent of individuals would prefer a fingerprint scan in order to confirm identity instead of a retina scan.

In addition to the ATM, Diebold is also developing a machine called Janus that would essentially replace a teller inside a bank, and allow two customers to be serviced at the same time.

How Do Iris Scans Affect Your Eye Health?

How could the concept of iris scans affect your eye health or vision in the future? Retina scans use near-infrared light instead of lasers. The amount of light that reaches your eyes would be comparable to walking outside on a sunny day, therefore they do not really affect your eye health.

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