Escape to Visual Freedom

If you wear contact lenses or glasses you know this situation all too well. You are at the beach and you only have three options: wear contact lenses, glasses or go without. If you wear your contact lenses and go into the water, you might lose them when a wave decides to “drown” you. If you wear glasses, you can go into the water freely but you might lose them too. Option three is to go without either but your eyesight is impaired.  All options are not ideal, but have you ever considered the fact that you could be free from the glass and contact lens bondage?

Why should you get rid of glasses and contact lenses?

Consider the fact that an average person needs to get an eye check up every year. A person’s prescription changes and contact lenses and/or glasses need to be ordered. According to LASIK Thoughts, the average consumer spends about $40,000 on eye care in their lifetime. If you were to invest in a LASIK procedure, you would spend an average of $4,000 and you would no longer have to worry about glasses or contacts. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a carefree life?

Contact Lenses Vs. LASIK Debate

There has been much debate about the safety of LASIK. Did you know that a study in the Archives of Ophthalmology proved that 1 in 2000 people have a chance of obtaining a sight threatening infection from contact lenses versus 1 in 10,000 for LASIK?

Benefits of Lasik

The benefits of LASIK are wonderful. The most valuable benefit is freedom from contacts or glasses. Making a decision to get LASIK is yours. Here are five reasons to consider getting LASIK now:

  1. Overall vision is improved
  2. It saves money
  3. It can help allergy sufferers
  4. It reduces recurring eye infections
  5. Promotes an active lifestyle

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