New Digital Eye Strain Study Results Released at Annual CES

Digital eye strain and smartphonesLooking at your phone all day may seem harmless, but if you are a constant digital device user, you might start to notice some physical symptoms, such as dry eyes, neck pain, back pain and headaches.

According to the results of a recent study conducted by the Vision Council and released at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this month, 90 percent of Americans are hurting their vision by spending two or more hours on a digital device every day. The study also found that one in 10 Americans spends at least 75 percent of their waking hours looking at a digital screen.

With increased exposure to digital devices comes an increased chance of developing digital eye strain. The population of adults most at risk for experiencing eye strain symptoms are younger than 30, with women ranking higher than men.

How to Reduce Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is caused by computers, iPads and smartphone screens that emit blue light, which reaches farther into the eyes than other kinds of light.

If you feel like your eyes are tired, burning or have sand in them, you aren’t alone. According to Dora Adamopoulos, a medical advisor to the Vision Council, more millennials than ever are visiting her practice and complaining about digital eye strain symptoms that would normally be seen in people in their early 40s.

So, how do you fix this problem? The Vision Council recommends:

  • Reducing the amount of time you use digital devices
  • Taking frequent breaks from your computer or phone
  • Trying out filtering lenses when staring at screens

Don’t hesitate to contact the eye care professionals at Raleigh Eye Center today if you have tried the above treatment options for digital eye strain and been unsuccessful. We would be happy to help relieve you of your symptoms, so you can get back to leading a life with healthy vision.