Diabetes and LASIK in Raleigh: Clear Vision is Possible

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? Are you considering a laser vision correction procedure such as LASIK or PRK? Have you wondered if you were a good enough candidate for these life-changing procedures? Laser vision correction procedures can provide visual freedom from corrective lenses. There’s a misconception that those diagnosed with diabetes are ineligible for procedures like LASIK, but research has proven otherwise. A diabetic patient will undergo a more extensive visual screening to be considered a candidate for LASIK.

Diabetic eye diseases are a group of eye problems that diabetic patients experience. This group of eye problems includes:

  1. Diabetic retinopathy- occurs either when the blood vessels swell and leak fluid or when new blood vessels grow onto the retina.
  2. Cataract- clouding of the lens in the eyes that affects vision
  3. Glaucoma– gradual building of pressure in the eye that can damage the optic nerve.

It is important that those who have been diagnosed with diabetes have a yearly exam to monitor their vision. 

If you are diabetic and considering LASIK, it is essential that your blood sugar levels are well controlled and there are no signs or symptoms of diabetic eye disease or other health related conditions. A LASIK surgeon may also require that you receive clearance from your medical doctor prior to performing the procedure.

If your blood sugar levels are controlled, it is now important to consider the complications that can occur from LASIK.

  1. The severity of diabetes in a patient can result in poor refractive correction results.
  2. Those with diabetes heal slower and it might take a longer time to recover from LASIK procedure.

Studies have shown that diabetic patients with controlled blood levels and no diabetic eye diseases have a low complication rate of 6.9%. For those with diabetes who are considering LASIK, call the Raleigh Eye Center for a consultation with Dr. Kiley to discuss your candidacy. The Raleigh Eye Center will work with your doctor to create a treatment plan that will fit your needs.