A New Study Suggests Contacts May Alter Bacteria in Eyes

Contact lenses can offer a variety of advantages to the indshutterstock_140165173ividual wearing them –– clearer vision
while playing sports, less susceptibility to fogging, and they allow sunglasses to be worn on top with zero hassle. Although they provide a lot of benefits, there are some cons to this vision correction solution.

A recent study reported on FoxNews.com found that wearing contact lenses may increase the amount of bacteria living in your eyes by threefold. Researchers found that the composition of the bacterial community on the surface of people’s eyes was different in those who wore contacts compared to those who did not.

It is unsure of whether or not the increased presence of bacteria was due to individuals putting fingers in their eyes or the pressure that the contact lens put on the eye. This study is important in that it could detail why contact lens wearers are more prone to eye infections than individuals who do not wear contacts. The bacteria that causes corneal ulcers, or sores on the transparent covering of the eye, was more abundant in contact lens wearers.

How to Prevent Eye Infections When Wearing Contact Lenses

If you prefer to wear contact lenses over glasses, there are certain steps that you can take to help prevent eye infections, including:

  • Washing your hands on a regular basis
  • Keeping your contact lens case clean
  • Changing your contact lens solution daily
  • Scheduling a routine appointment with your ophthalmologist

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