Computer Vision Syndrome: The strain of lifetime

With technological advancements, computer usage has increased over the years. The average person spends approximately 8 hours in front of a computer, which has led to an increase of eye computer vision syndrome. According to the American Optometric Association, computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a group of vision and eye related problems that arise from extended use of computers.

What are the Symptoms of CVS?

Symptoms of CVS include but are not limited to:

  1. Headaches
  2. Blurred vision
  3. Dry eyes
  4. Eye strain

What causes CVS?

Causes of CVS include:

  1. Poor lighting
  2. Computer screen glare
  3. Poor seating posture
  4. Uncorrected vision problems

One or more of these causes combined contributes to CVS.

How is CVS diagnosed?

An eye doctor will conduct a comprehensive eye examination that factors in visual requirements at a computer working distance. There is no evidence that CVS causes long-term damage to the eyes but if left untreated, it will cause eyestrain and discomfort.

How to Reduce CVS symptoms?

  1. Everyone should take frequent breaks (~every 30 minutes) from staring at a screen especially for those who have undergone LASIK vision correction to help the eye heal.
  2. Keep the computer screen an arm’s length away and about 4-8 inches below your eyes. Laptops should be placed on a computer stand to ensure they are at the proper height of 4-8 inches below the eyes.
  3. Reduce the glare that arises from the screen by using an anti-glare filter and changing the screen brightness.
  4. Blink frequently while looking at the screen.

It is important to visit an eye doctor regularly to ensure your prescription is adequate. Let your doctor know if any of the symptoms of computer eye syndrome are present so they can be properly addressed. If you work with computers, the likelihood of CVS discomfort is high which can lead to poor work performance at work or at school. Contact the Raleigh Eye Center today for more information or to make an appointment today!