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5 Mistakes LASIK Patients Make

LASIK vision correction is something most people with refractive errors dream about. They want to be able to enjoy life and all that it has to offer without a dependency on glasses or contact lenses….

Enjoy More of What You Love with LASIK

As summer continues, people are preparing their bodies for the beach and pool. The desire to feel and look your best in a bathing suit is quite common. One thing that is often forgotten however,…

Why Younger Patients are Ideal for LASIK

Let’s face it, young eyes often take a beating, especially when contact lenses are worn. For the college age group, there are many late nights studying and hanging out with friends, which can take its…

LASIK’s Long Term Efficacy Proven

The technology used in the laser vision correction procedure, LASIK, has improved dramatically in the almost two decades it has been available in the U.S.  The improvements in technology have helped shape the long-term results…

Thinking of Using FSA for LASIK?

Now Is the Time! When it comes to medical expenses, you might be one of a growing trend of patients who take advantage of a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) benefited to you by your employer….

Understanding LASIK Technology

With a variety of options available in laser vision correction, how do you know what is best?  As a patient, it can be confusing knowing which option is best and why.  At Raleigh Eye Center,…

How to Care for Your Eyes after LASIK

Deciding to have LASIK on your eyes is a big decision. For obvious reasons, most patients are nervous the day of their procedure. This is often when post operative instructions are given to the patient….