Cataracts, LASIK & Surgery: Making an Informed Decision

Cataracts, LASIK & Surgery: Making an Informed Decision

All your life, you’ve wondered what the word “cataract” meant. “I remember mom telling me great Aunt Ella had cataracts,” your mom told you once. So now you knowyou have a family history. But until you yourself start to experience blurry and cloudy vision, you never thought about this conversation.

Most people don’t start to develop cataracts, a yellowing and hardening of the lens of the eye, until they’ve reached age 60. Even without a family history, developing cataracts is a possibility. In fact, according to EyeSmart, by age 75, 70% of people will have cataracts.

Perhaps you’ve developed cataracts and are considering LASIK surgery to correct them.Commonwealth Eye Surgery draws distinctions between the two so that a candidate for either procedure will understand. LASIK corrects vision problems that can be remedied by wearing glasses or contact lenses. A cataract occurs when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, usually because of age. A cataracts does not resolve on its own and isn’t repairable with glasses or contacts.

The cloudier the lens becomes, the harder it is to see. Cataract surgery removes the lens within the eye and replaces it with an implant known as an intraocular lens. LASIK simply changes the shape of one’s cornea, allowing for sharper vision. Both procedures are very common and safe. Since the eye is not reshaped during cataract surgery, performing LASIK after cataracts is often possible if still needed.

According to information from both the FDA and the USAEyes surgical certification board, there is no outright reason that makes LASIK eye surgery impossible for someone currently suffering from cataracts; however, we do not recommend it. This is where a consultation from a board certified ophthalmologist and proper research could help you make an informed decision. Do you still have questions and are considering LASIK or cataract surgery in Raleigh? Please give our office a call at (919) 876-2427.